In the past ten years, Prix has taken down many projects all over the world although in such a market which is full of competition because of our high quality products, competitive price and good services. We put our effort and  complete every project perfectly as our duty, which makes us outstanding.

In the projects we took, there are commercial projects and residential projects. In the commercial projects, the most representative are the Plaza Hotel, Tesco Supermarket ,the Maxtyle Shopping center and Hosan office in Korea.  They chose our exterior wall tiles for their buildings. Also we cooperate with many local constructors and take part in their projects like Beijing Westin Hotel, Beijing Convention Center,Kunming Band of China and some residential projects such as Henan Kangxin Garden and Guangzhou Tianhe Fengjing Building.

Now, we are working with the projects in the Phillippines and Vietnam. Every production is a piece of art of Prix, we have always been devoting ourselves to create an unique and perfect space for you.